Lee Irish Dance

Ms. Carla

Ms. Carla's dance journey started as an adult learner. After many years of classes and working at a few conventional type of dance schools, she decided to start her own school dedicated to Irish Dancing and set about studying for her certification exams. Irish Dance exams are very comprehensive and encompass an enormous amount of Irish Dance information.  There are dancing exams, instructional exams, music exams and more. It takes a serious amount of studying, practicing and preparation to attempt the exams.   In 2021, Ms. Carla took her first three exams and earned her TMRF designation (certified Ceili teacher).  Continuing her learning and studying, in 2023, she took her final two exams to earn her TCRG designation (certified Irish Dance Teacher).  Ms. Carla believes that education is a lifelong endeavor and continues to learn as much about Irish Dance as possible. 

Miss Jill

Miss Jill started dancing when she was 5 years old. Through her teen years she studied, not only Irish Dance, but many other types of dance as well, including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern and Contemporary.  When she was 15 years old, she decided to devote her time to Irish Dance. She started competing at Irish Dance Competitions (feis) and moved up through the levels of Irish Dance. 

During her time at college, while attending UCONN, Miss Jill danced with the UCONN Irish Dance Team, while continuing to Compete with Lee Irish Dance.  She was a performer, teacher and choreographer of Irish Dance during her time at UCONN. 

Miss Jill had many successes as a Competitive, Champion Irish Dancer and although she has retired from competition, she still works hard to maintain her level of dancing as a Champion Irish Dancer. 

Miss Jill teaches all levels of Irish Dancers and loves to create complex choreography, for not only solo dancing, but ceili (group) dancing as well.  

In September, 2023, Miss Jill passed her first two Certification exams with RTN.