Registration is now closed. A schedule will be posted soon.

Parents & Dancers - we will have a used Irish Dance Shoe sale table if you'd like to try to sell your used shoes.  It will be monitored by a volunteer all day.  If you'd like to participate, place your shoes in a large ziploc bag with the following information on a sheet of paper inside: Your name, phone number, brand of shoe, size of shoe, and asking price. All sales are by cash only. Cash will be placed into the bag the shoes were brought in. Shoes must be tried on at the table only. Shoes that are not sold should be claimed by their owner at the end of the day. 

Lee Irish Dance

Lee Irish Dance

Autumn Harvest Feis
Saturday, September 28, 2019
GB & Lexi Singh Performance Center
60 Douglas Road
Whitinsville, MA

All non-set dances are 32 bars, unless otherwise noted.

We are members of Rince Tuatha Nua, an Open Platform organization, and run all competitions according to Rince Tuatha Nua's Rules.

Feiseanna do not have an 8 bar wait in between solo dancers.

A dancer's age is the age they will be on the day of the feis.

Please visit the RTN website if you need more information.

Payment is due at the time of registration. Your registration will not be processed without payment.



Tir na nog/First Feis: Through competitive age 6. Dancers through competitive age 6; competition is not scored. These dancers may also enter beginner. 

Reel (124) - 16 bars
Light Jig (116) - 16 bars

Beginner (will be counted in)

Reel (124)
Light Jig (116)
Slip Jig (124)
Single Jig (124)
Treble Jig (92) - 16 bars

Intermediate (counted in up through age 10)

Reel (113)
Light Jig (116)
Slip Jig (113)
Single Jig (120) 
Treble Jig (92)
Hornpipe (138)
St Patrick's Day (94) (Step 1 Right & Left, Set 1 Right Foot only)

Reel (113)
Slip Jig (113)
Single Jig (120)
Treble Jig (73)
Hornpipe (113)
Trad Sets:  Blackbird (144) (Step 1 Right & Left, Set 1 Right Foot only) 


Reel (113)
Slip Jig (113)
Treble Jig (73)
Hornpipe (113)
Trad Sets:  Job of the Journeywork (138) 


Event – Reel (40 bars), Hornpipe or Treble Jig,  non-trad set (must be of contrasting rhythm to your Hard Shoe round)
Reel (113) - 40 bars
Slip Jig (113)
Treble Jig (73)
Hornpipe (113)
Trad Set:  Garden of Daisies (138) 

 Group Dances

 Figure Dances
2 & 3 Hand Reels (113). 48 bars of dancing.

4, 6 or 8 Hand Ceili dances

Small & Large Group Freestyle

Student Choreography Event:

16 bars, any type of hard shoe or soft shoe dance, including treble reel, 2nd 8 count may repeat first 8 count, done on left side, or the 16 count may be continuous choreography without repeating 1st 8 count on left. Teachers may guide students to help them make sure the step is long enough, etc. but may not write the step for them. Dancers may not use their school’s choreography.

Hotels Closest to the Venue:

Approximately 12 miles/25 minutes from Feis Venue:

Fairfield Inn & Suites

1 Fortune Blvd.

​Milford, MA 01757


Courtyard Boston Milford

10 Fortune Blvd.

Milford, MA 01757


Doubletree Hilton Hotel

11 Beaver Street

Milford, MA 01757


Holiday Inn Express Milford

50 Fortune Blvd.

Milford, MA 01757