Lee Irish Dance

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Lee Fall Feis

Saturday, 10/1/22

Valley Springs Sportsman’s Club

65 Valley Road, North Grosvenordale, CT​​


Lee Feis – Schedule – 10-1-22


Session 1 – 9:00 am – 11:15 am 

Champ and Prizewinner


Champ Solo Reel-40 bars

Prizewinner U12 Reel

Prizewinner U14 Reel

Champ Event Reel-40 bars

Prizewinner U18 Reel

Prizewinner U12 Slip Jig

Prizewinner U14 Slip Jig

Champ Solo Slip Jig

Prizewinner U18 Slip Jig

Prizewinner U18 Single Jig

Champ Solo Single Jig

Shoe Change

Champ Solo TrebleJig

Prizewinner U12 Treble Jig

Prizewinner U18 Treble Jig

Champ Event – Hard Shoe Round

Prizewinner U14 Hornpipe

Prizewinner U18 Hornpipe

Champ Solo Hornpipe

Prizewinner U12 - 3 Seas

Champ Event – Modern Sets

Prizewinner U18 - 3 Seas

Champ St. Pats – All 5 parts

Awards – on stage



All other sessions awards will be available at the Awards table.


Session 2 – 11:15 am-1:15 pm

Intermediate U16, Novice U13, Novice U16, Adult


Intermediate U16 Reel

Novice U13 Reel

Novice U16 Reel

Adult Reel

Intermediate U16 Light Jig

Novice U13 Slip Jig

Novice U16 Slip Jig

Intermediate U16 Slip Jig

Adult Slip Jig

Novice U13 Single Jig

Novice U16 Single Jig

Intermediate U16 Single Jig

Adult Single Jig

Novice U13 Treble Jig

Novice U16 Treble Jig

Intermediate U16 Treble Jig

Adult Treble Jig

Novice U13 Hornpipe

Novice U16 Hornpipe

Intermediate U16 Hornpipe

Adult Hornpipe

Novice U13 Jockey

Novice U16 Jockey

Adult Jockey

Intermediate St. Pat’s



Session 3 – 1:15-1:30 pm


2 hands & 3 hands



Lunch 1:30-2:00 pm



Session 4 – 2:00-3:30 pm

Beginner U14, Intermediate U12,

Novice U12


Beginner U14 Reel

Intermediate U12 Reel

Novice U12 Reel

Beginner U14 Light Jig

Intermediate U12 Light Jig

Novice U12 Slip Jig

Beginner U14 Slip Jig

Intermediate U12 Slip Jig

Novice U12 Single Jig

Beginner U14 Single Jig

Intermediate U12 Single Jig

Novice U12 Treble Jig

Beginner U14 Treble Jig-16 bars

Intermediate U12 Treble Jig

Novice U12 Hornpipe

Intermediate U12 Hornpipe

Novice U12 Jockey

Intermediate U12 St. Pat’s



Session 5 – 3:30 pm – 5:15 pm

Beginner U10, Intermediate U10,

Novice U10, First Feis


Intermediate U8 Reel

Intermediate U10 Reel

Beginner U10 Reel

First Feis Reel – 16 bars

Novice U10 Reel

Intermediate U10 Light Jig

Beginner U10 Light Jig

First Feis Light Jig – 16 bars

Novice U10 Slip Jig

Intermediate U10 Slip Jig

Beginner U10 Slip Jig

Novice U10 Treble Jig

Intermediate U10 Single Jig

Beginner U10 Single Jig

Novice U10 Hornpipe

Intermediate U10 Treble Jig

Beginner U10 Treble Jig-16 bars

Intermediate U10 Hornpipe

Novice U10 Jockey

Intermediate U10 St. Pat’sType your paragraph here.